All You Can Paint – PDF Manual


Would you like to paint wood, glass, plastic, metal, leather, plaster objects like I do, but you don’t know where to start? You wrote me wondering which colors to use, how to treat the base, how to protect the color, how to get a glossy surface? Have you already tried and have not achieved the result because obviously something went wrong? Do you want to know what? Here I am!

In this guide I have answered all the questions that I have been asked about my work for years. In these 80 pages you will not only find the right and clear answers (each material and each result deserve different explanations, knowledge and skills) but also small tricks and precautions that the experience of many years in this field has made me expert.

You will find explanations, illustrations to be even clearer, step by step projects developed, the products’ name I use, all my knowledge developed through experiments and tests.

This will allow you not only to achieve your result much more easily and immediately, but also to save a lot of money  by avoiding to buy the wrong products: I have already done it, so I will recommend only the right products and methods.

Once purchased, you can easily download my PDF manual to your phone, tablet or PC and consult it whenever you want. Or if you prefer, you can print it and keep it at  hand in your bookcase.

If you are unable to purchase the pdf write me to